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Werner Elmer

I’m 53 years old and I live in Tirol/Austria. I think this beautiful surrounding and the fact I was working in tourism and love to travel have affected me to show people the beauty of nature not only in words but also with my own personal images. So I started to photograph in 2010. To perfect my hobby I attended the Prague School of Photography in Austria (2012 to 2014). I attended workshops by Julia Anna Gospodarou, Joel Tjintjelaar and Michael Levin and started a mentorship programme by Joel Tjintjelaar.

With my images I don’t want to document buildings and things as they actual are - I’m trying to create an emotion and touch the viewer with my personal way of seeing things. I am convinced this is the right way to show my inner world of seeing things in the world, my personal feelings, my origin and my way of thinking.


Tokyo International Foto Award 2019
3rd Place in "Fineart Architecture-Bridges" category with the image "The Harp"
+ 2 Honorable Mentions with the series of „Antwerp Port Authority“and the image "Vertical City".

International Photography Award - 09/2019
2nd Place "Architecture - Bridges" + 1 Honorable Mentions with the series of „Antwerp Port Authority“.

International Photography Award - 10/2017
1st Place "Architecture - Cityscapes" + 5 Honorable Mentions Category „Architecture“ and„Historical Buildings“

Moscow Photo Award 2017 - Professionals
- 1st Place "Fineart Landscape" category

PX3 International Photo Award 2017 - Professionals
- 5 Honorable Mentions "Fineart Architecture" category

Fine Art Photography Awards 2017
- 3rd Place in "Fineart Nature" category

Monochrome Photo Award 2016
- 2 Honorable Mentions "Fineart Landscape" category
- 1 Honorable Mention in "Architecture" category

Tokyo International Foto Award 2016
- 2nd Place in "Fineart Landscape" category
- Honorable Mention in "Buildings" category

World Photographic Cup 2017 -National Austria Photographic Team
I'm selected to be part of the National Austrian Photographic Team for the World Photographic Cup 2017.
The World Photographic Cup is a kind of international team competition which was created in 2013. In each category 3 photographers can participate per national team. I was selected in the category Architecture.
At the last cup, Austria and his team won an excellent 6th place in the overall rating of 28 nations.

International Photography Award - 10/2016
7 Honorable Mentions Category „Architecture“, „Historical Buildings“ and "Landscape"

Fineart Photography Award – 06/2016
Nominee in Architecture Category

Sony International Photography Award – 02/2016
Shortlisted for world’s biggest photography competition ‐ the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards.
Sole Austrian photographer of the 55 nationalities represented on the shortlist. Series selected from 230,103 images from 186 countries.

Monochrome Photography Award – 02/2016
Honorable Mention in Architecture Category

Neutral Density Photography Award - 11/2015
1st place and Gold Star Award in Architecture „Buildings Category“

International Photography Award - 09/2015
6 Honorable Mentions Category „Architecture“ and „Historical Buildings“


2017: May 13 - August 6
Jakobskreuz - Pillerseetal, Tirol/Austria
Exhibition "Forms assembled in the light"
Vernissage: May 14, 2017 with Werner Elmer

Opening Times:
Every day: 09:00 - 16:45

2016: November 17 - January 14
Lohner Vienna pop up store featuring Young Austrian Photography
Vernissage: November 17th: 6 pm - 9 pm

2016: Oktober 12 - 16
photo::vienna - MAK Wien
Opening Times: 10 am - 6 pm

As the first showcase for contemporary photography from Austria, photo::vienna presents a broad overview of what makes photography so exciting and is thus be of great interest to galerists, curators, collectors, art buyers, agency art directors, photo editors, etc. The platform an interesting offering for gallerists, curators, museum designers, collectors, art buyers, agency art directors, photo editors, etc.

2016: May 28 - July 27
Kuenburggewölbe Werfen